Teeth Cleanings in Glendale Heights, IL

If you need a deep cleaning, the procedure is much different than a routine dental cleaning. The process involves root planing and scaling to keep periodontal disease under control. Without this treatment, the incurable condition will likely cause bone and tooth loss.

Teeth Cleaning in Glendale Heights, IL

Preventative teeth cleaning in Glendale Heights, IL, helps maintain a healthy mouth. Dental cleanings are typically performed every six months. At each routine visit, Dr. Saila Anumula conducts a comprehensive oral health exam and checks for signs of gum disease. With a periodontal probe, gum pocket measurements are taken. If bleeding or inflammation is present and the gum has pulled away from the teeth, the disease is active. A pocket depth of 4 mm or more indicates advanced gum disease.

Deep Cleaning in Glendale Heights, IL

At this stage, irreversible damage is done, and aggressive intervention is crucial to prevent further mouth destruction. To treat periodontal disease proactively, dentist visits are usually separated into two appointments. For our patient’s comfort and for the most effective treatment, it is often necessary to numb the teeth and soft tissue to remove the excessive build-up of tartar below the gum line.

In addition, adjunctive therapy is sometimes necessary. This may include antibiotics, saliva tests, and antimicrobial mouth rinses. After the first deep cleaning is completed, the condition is reevaluated and depending on the status of the disease, several more months of periodontal cleanings may be recommended to prevent a regression.

Teeth Cleanings in Glendale Heights, IL

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