Space Maintainers in Glendale Heights, IL

Has your child lost a tooth too early? Do they have a bad bite or teeth overcrowding? Interested in space maintainers in Glendale Heights, IL for your child? At Lotus Dental Care we are proud to offer space maintainers, a form of interceptive orthodontics that allows your orthodontist to take advantage of the fact that your child’s mouth is still developing, potentially avoiding orthodontic treatment in the future.

About Our Space Maintainers in Glendale Heights, IL

Although your child’s baby teeth are going to fall out eventually, when they fall out too early the result can actually be teeth shifting, overcrowding and misalignment. Ultimately this can result in permanent teeth erupting improperly and your child needing orthodontic treatment. Our space maintainers in Glendale Heights can help to keep space open in your child’s mouth, allowing their teeth to erupt properly.

Benefits of Space Maintainers

When it comes to using space maintainers for interceptive orthodontic treatment, there are quite a few benefits we think you should be aware of, which include:

  • Avoiding more costly orthodontic treatment down the road
  • Creating facial symmetry
  • Improving the appearance of the smile
  • Improving your child’s self-confidence
  • Creating room for permanent teeth to erupt properly
  • Avoiding tooth extractions
  • Reducing orthodontic treatment time

Are you interested in space maintainers in Glendale Heights, IL? Schedule an appointment with Lotus Dental Care today! We’d be happy to examine your child’s smile to determine if a space maintainer might be the right option for them.

Space Maintainers in Glendale Heights, IL

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