Remember: The only silly question is the unasked question! Through the years, we have been asked many questions by many patients, but there are some that are asked repeatedly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
How often do I need a checkup?

The recommended timeline is every six months, however for patients prone to cavities or with a lot of dental work, they should consider getting an examination every four months to ensure that their oral health is in good shape.

What does fluoride do?

Fluoride is naturally found in many foods and drinks, and is a mineral that can help keep your teeth healthy as well as repair damage done through a process called remineralization. We often do not get enough fluoride on our own, so look to supplements or concentrated fluoride treatments conducted by your dentist.

Do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants use a thin and clear coating on molars and premolars. While they can’t stop cavities entirely (decay can also attack the sides of the teeth) it is shown to greatly reduce the amount of cavities in the teeth that are sealed.

When should children first visit the dentist?

It is advised that by the time a child gets their first tooth in, they should see a dentist. Early check ups can establish a healthy relationship with the dentist and can give the dentist an early indication if there are possible issues to face later on.

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