Why Your Child May Need a Space Maintainer?

Why Your Child May Need a Space Maintainer?

Dental care is important for both adults and kids. In fact, kids need more care for their teeth than adults. In tender age, your teeth or gum remains vulnerable to the infections. Due to bacterial infection, teeth roots are damaged. Gum infection can also cause immense pain associated with occasional bleeding from gum. Teeth alignment is also a concern at the tender age. As kids lose teeth in natural process, teeth alignment becomes improper. To get the teeth alignment back in the right shape, you can try space maintainer. Lotus Dental Care offers the best space maintainer for kids. Professional pediatric dentists at this clinic offer terrific services with perfection.

Different Types of Space Maintainers

Generally, one can find two types of space maintainers available for the kids. They are called as fixed space maintainer and removable space maintainer. A guide to these space maintainers has been provided in the following section.

Removable: The removable space maintainer has been made with acrylic. As stated, this space maintainer is removable. For example, artificial tooth crown has been installed between two teeth in place of a missing tooth. This will keep the teeth alignment unharmed, despite losing a tooth.

Fixed: The fixed space maintainer is mostly famous or popular. It has further four categorization and they are: distal shoe, crown and loop, unilateral and lingual.

How It Feels to Wear Space Maintainer?

At the initial stage, wearing space maintainer does not feel great. For kids, it takes time to get accustomed with the space maintainer. Initially, the kids may complain that space maintainer cause disturbances during chewing foods. However, it is unusual to feel any pain after attaching the space maintainer. If that happens, you should consult the dentist without any delay. After attaching the space maintainer, dentist would suggest you to bring your kid for two to three times as per a schedule so that effectiveness of the space maintainer can be reviewed.

Now, the question is what kind of space maintainer will suit your kid? Professional dentist at Lotus Dental Care will decide that after conducting a few checkups.

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