Restore Your Smile with a Crown or Dental Bridge

Restore Your Smile with a Crown or Dental Bridge

While it would be ideal if our teeth stayed consistently the same over the years, this is not the case. As we get older, we begin to experience more dental issues. Decay, cracks, fractures, even missing teeth can set off a domino effect of other issues if they are not addressed. There is no better time than now to restore your dental issues with versatile procedures like dental crowns or dental bridges.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are specially customized oral appliances that are installed onto a damaged tooth in order to replace the cap or on top of a dental implant as a tooth replacement. Crowns are made of high-quality ingredients such as porcelain so that they can function like a natural tooth as well as look like one. Crowns can help strengthen a tooth to prevent further damage from occurring. The procedure to get a crown is painless and stress-free. When taken care of like a natural tooth, crowns can last for man years.

Fixed Bridges

A dental bridge is helpful for replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth next to each other. Using the natural tooth opposite the open area, a bridge sits where the missing teeth were. Using crowns attached to the neighboring teeth, the bridge stays in place and avoids the issues that can occur from missing teeth such as teeth spreading and the jawbone dissolving.

In the case that the neighboring teeth will not work as anchors for the crowns, a bridge can also be attached via a dental implant. A bridge is one of the easiest ways to replace missing teeth. Are you smiling less due to missing teeth? Call us today so we can discuss replacement options and get you smiling again!

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