If You Find Dentists and Dental Exams Scary, Fear No More

If You Find Dentists and Dental Exams Scary, Fear No More

Affordable family dentistry is the best thing you can do for your smile, but many people don’t like going to the dentist. You shouldn’t let your fears get in the way of protecting the oral and whole-body health of yourself and your family, so Lotus Dental Care has compiled a list of what to expect before you go.

Getting your history

It’s important to know your past problems and concerns. Your dentist will ask what you’ve experienced, if you have any worries, and review any medications you’re taking.

Examine for problems

Your dentist will conduct an examination for signs of cancers and bite problems. Making sure these are handled early will reduce the cost and pain you’ll experience down the road. If you have bridges or dentures, these will also be examined for any problems.

Perform X-rays

X-rays help your dentist see what isn’t visible to the naked eye. They are also a great tool for examining tooth alignment. At this stage, tooth alignment will be discussed if it’s an issue.


What most people think of most when they go to the dentist is the cleaning. Your dentist will clean your teeth and remove any stains.

Counseling and Planning

A very important part of your visit is getting feedback on how to care for your oral health. This involves counseling on correct techniques for flossing and brushing, as well as lifestyle and diet habits.

The Next Steps

Depending on your unique needs, your dentist may either refer you to a specialist, such as a periodontist if you have gum disease. He or she may also make impressions of your teeth, if an extensive treatment plan is necessary. Regardless, at this stage you will be informed of what to expect going forward, and your follow-up dates will be recommended.

Lotus Dental Care hopes this list has provided a little more peace of mind. Remember, the best cure is prevention. While it can be scary for many to visit the dentist, it is truly the best way to keep your smile healthy and prevent pain and much more fear down the road. To preserve your health, contact your top-notch dentists at Lotus Dental Care for relaxed, customer-oriented care!

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