Fluoride Treatments for Adults: Are They Necessary?

Fluoride Treatments for Adults: Are They Necessary?

Chances are unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occuring mineral which can be found all over the Earth, including the rocks, soil, water and even foods. Research many years ago showed that fluoride was beneficial for dental health, actually strengthening the enamel, promoting remineralization and even preventing decay and cavities

Fluoride Treatment Process

The Fluoride treatment process is an extremely quick and easy one, we recommend fluoride treatments during a routine visit at our Winfield dental practice. Fluoride is simply painted onto the teeth and allowed to dry, once dried your smile has additional protection.

Winfield Fluoride Treatments for Adults

When it comes to fluoride treatments, patients often assume that prevention is only useful for children and teens, however this is far from the case. Fluoride treatments can be extremely beneficial for adults, especially those with:

  • Dry mouth conditions can be caused by a variety of factors including, diseases, medications and even lifestyle choices. Without adequate saliva, food debris, bacteria and acid is harder to be washed away, putting your teeth at risk.
  • Periodontal gum disease and gum recession can result in the tooth roots being exposed to bacteria and acid, increasing risk for decay and infection of the tooth root.
  • Chronic tooth decay is common in some patients due to a range of factors, including genetics, if you have one or more cavities each year, fluoride is recommended.
  • Certain dental work such as braces, bridges and even crowns can increase the risk of decay, however fluoride can help provide additional protection.
  • Patients that eat and/or snack frequently may be more prone to decay and could benefit from fluoride treatment.
  • Patients that have deep grooves, depressions and pits on the chewing surfaces of teeth may be more prone to decay and cavities, fluoride treatment can help with prevention.

Get Fluoride Treatments in Winfield, IL

Thought fluoride was only for kids? Schedule your appointment with Lotus Dental Care, we’d be happy to determine if you could also benefit from fluoride treatments in Winfield. We look forward to helping protect your smile.

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