A Patient’s Guide to Basic Restorative Dentistry

A Patient’s Guide to Basic Restorative Dentistry

When it comes to restorative services, crowns, fillings, bridges, and implants are some of the common terms that you may hear from the dentist in IL 60139 during your appointment. Restorative dentistry is for restoring the health of your damaged or decayed tooth or replacing the missing tooth. They also help in restoring the function of the teeth


Let Us Gain Some Insight on These Procedures:


Crowns are custom made restoration which is permanently cemented to the tooth. The tooth is prepared for the crown by reducing the shape and size of the tooth. Crown become essential when there isn’t enough tooth structure left for a filling. The procedure is evolving with the passage of time making it easier with the help of dental scanners.


A filling becomes necessary when the tooth has decayed. The dentist near Glendale Heights IL first removes the decay and then fills the area with silver, gold, or composite resin. Composite resin is most popular filling as it is tooth-coloured. The resin is available in several shades and it can be matched nicely with your tooth enamel.


While the main aim of dentistry is to save the tooth as long as possible, in some cases, it becomes imperative to extract the tooth as the condition of tooth is beyond repair. It may be the right decision but the missing tooth needs replacement and it is done by implant technology. Implant is a titanium screw placed in the bone which acts as the root of the tooth. The abutment goes into implant and stays above the gum line so that the crown can be cemented over it.


Bridge is another restorative treatment for replacing a missing tooth. Bridges are three teeth in a row and are one solid piece cemented to the adjoining teeth on either side of the missing tooth. There is a natural tooth on either sides of the artificial tooth which is known as pontic.
The aim of these procedures is to maintain your smile and prevent further issues from happening.

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