A Closer Look at Dental Veneers

A Closer Look at Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells placed onto the front of the teeth. It is a form of cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile by hiding teeth stains, closing gaps between teeth, and covering damage on the teeth enamel. They are a very effective method of giving you a bright smile of beautifully balanced teeth. If you are considering getting this treatment done, here are a few things you might like to know.

Dental veneers were first used in Hollywood.

Veneers were first used in the late 1920s to improve the appearance of actors’ smiles onscreen. Since then, the methods for creating them have evolved, giving more successful treatments and lasting benefits.

Dental veneers give you a stronger, whiter smile that lasts for decades.

Having chipped, cracked, crooked, or discolored teeth can really hurt a person’s self-esteem or confidence. Not only can dental veneers quickly and effectively improve the look of your smile – and subsequently boost confidence – but they can also prevent any damage on your teeth from worsening over time. This can keep your smile safer for up to 20 years.

Oral hygiene is easy with dental veneers.

Getting a veneer treatment will not change your routine or lifestyle at all, particularly in regards to your oral healthcare habits. You won’t have to restrict any foods from your diet to avoid staining or damage and you won’t need to spend any extra time cleaning your teeth – you can simply brush and floss as usual to care for the veneers as well as the rest of your teeth.

Veneers can act as an instant smile straightener.

The most popular way to straighten teeth is still getting braces, whether traditional or clear. However, they are not the only method for giving you a smile that looks straighter. Placing veneers can change the appearance of crooked or gapped teeth by closing up the gaps and covering crooked or chipped teeth. Though the effect is purely aesthetic, the procedure takes only a fraction of the time it takes to complete any type of orthodontic treatment. And you still have a smile that you’ll love.

Although veneers have a few drawbacks – the procedure is not reversible and veneers are still susceptible to damage – they are still a great option for improving the look of your smile. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine whether this cosmetic procedure is for you.

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