5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun – From Your Pediatric Dentist in Glendale Heights, IL

5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun – From Your Pediatric Dentist in Glendale Heights, IL

It’s important to help our kids learn good oral hygiene. Once they get such a good habit ingrained, it sticks for life. Given how crucial daily brushing and flossing is to the health of our teeth and gums, it’s worth doing early and doing right. Making brushing fun helps kids get in the habit of a great life-long routine.

It’s important to be physically present during brushing time. You need to ensure kids use the right amount of toothpaste for their ages. Children under three only need a smear of toothpaste, as they tend to swallow more paste than older kids. Kids under between three and ten need a pea-sized amount.

  • Create a routine and stick to it. Although this can be tough, everyone does better with some order and consistency.
  • Reward Good Brushing Habits. When your kids have been good with brushing under your supervision, give them a small treat, like an extra bedtime story!
  • Making Brushing an Event. Give your kids options and help them your kids pick their own toothpastes.
  • Make Shopping for Oral Hygiene Products Fun. Let your kids pick their own brushing products. There are so many high-quality toothpastes for kids! With flavors of every sort, like fruit flavors and bubble gum, choosing products can be fun.
  • Make Up a Story. Kids enjoy stories so much that retelling them a favorite can make tooth brushing fun. You can also make up stories related to brushing and flossing.

Millions of Americans suffer for dental phobia. As a consequence, they only see a dentist when they’re in pain. At that point, the easiest fixes are less likely to work. As with all other medical issues, prevention of ailments is better than trying to cure them. By helping your kids get into the brushing groove early in life, you’re guaranteeing them a lifetime of great dental health.

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